Assurance concerning allergies and intolerances

The subject of allergies and intolerances is becoming increasingly important in food production. The current food information regulation (LMIV) contributes to this and stipulates a clear framework for the correct declaration on food packaging. Sulá always aims to keep the number of possible allergens as minimal as possible. However, in some products, for example our cream sweets, allergens cannot be avoided. In these cases we always ensure that the allergens which are contained are properly and clearly labelled – these are always printed in bold in the ingredients list. In so far as cross contamination cannot be fully excluded in our production, we declare these allergens with the additional reference: “ May contain traces of …” which provides information for the growing number of allergy sufferers.


Lactose free

Many Sulá sweets are also lactose free. These products can be identified by the fact that they do not contain any milk constituents. With products containing milk, the ingredient is printed in bold which offers an immediate overview.


Gluten free

Our approach with gluten free products is similar to that of lactose free products. If you do not see any allergens written in bold on the ingredients list e.g. malt (out of barley) on the packaging, you can expect a gluten free product and enjoy this despite having a gluten intolerance.