For more than 65 years we have been passionate about sweets!

einzelne BonbonsDuring our 65 year company history Sulá has developed into one of the most important manufacturers with international expertise of hard caramels and toffees – sweets containing sugar as well as sugar-free. Today we are one of the biggest clickbox sweet manufacturers in Europe.

Our experience and expertise which we have developed over the decades with customers from Germany, Central and Eastern Europe and many other countries, enables us to offer you distinctive products in customised ranges.

The heart of our business is formed by our dedicated employees who contribute to our success on a daily basis. Our motivated personnel with a high degree of expertise operate state-of-the-art production facilities and make Sulá GmbH a highly efficient specialist of moulded sweets – genuine quality products.


1950 Company founding

1950 Company founding: Sulá is established in 1950 by the Suwelack brothers Suwelack in Metelen / Westphalia. At the beginning, the focus is on the production of hard caramels.


Gegossene Fruchtbonbons

1967 Moulded fruit sweets

Start of production of moulded fruit sweets – sweets of exceptionally high quality (low splitter rate, no sharp edges) out of primarily natural ingredients such as aromas and fruit juices.


Zuckerfreie Bonbons

1970 Sugar-free sweets

After a visit to the USA, one of the Suwelack brothers returns to Germany with the expertise needed for the production of sugar-free sweets. The sweets which contain the sugar substitute sorbitol are at first only sold in the home market as sweets for diabetics.


Einführung zuckerfreie Bonbons

1988 Launch of sugar-free sweets

National as well as international launch of the sugar-free Sulá sweets. Current marketing concept: the “Sulá Land” based on the great cinema success of the Jungle Book.

Einführung zuckerfreie Bonbons

1989 TV ad in the Netherlands

The TV ad "Sulá, Sulá" is successfully shown in the Netherlands.

Übernahme Perfetti

1996 Perfetti takeover

The Italian company Perfetti assumes a 100% takeover of Sulá.

ISO 9001

1997 ISO 9001

Since May 1997 the company is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

Produktion zuckerfreier Bonbons

1999 Production of sugar-free sweets

Start of production of sugar-free sweets with the substitute isomalt.

Übernahme van Mook

2002 van Mook takeover

In June 2002 the Dutch group van Mook assumes a 100% takeover of Sulá GmbH. Sole proprietor is Geert van Mook.

Einführung neue Sulá-Range & IFS

2003 Introduction of the new Sulá range & IFS

Introduction of the new Sulá Fruit and Indulgence ranges on the international market.

Since December 2003: Sulá GmbH is certified in accordance with IFS norms. Since 2004 on a higher level.

Einführung der Marke Sulá

2004 Introduction of the Sulá brand

Introduction of a new range of the Sulá brand on the German market.

Internationale Ausrichtung mit der Erweiterung des Betriebes

2005 International orientation with production expansion

Expansion of the company by several thousand square metres and increase in production capacity.

DIN ISO 22000

2006 DIN ISO 22000

Sulá is first sweet manufacturer

Since July 2006 Sulá GmbH is the first sweet manufacturer in Germany to be certified in accordance with the new DIN ISO 22000.

Neuer Auftritt der Marke Sulá und Aufbau einer neuen Toffeeanlage

2007 New look of the Sulá brand and development of a new toffee plant

 40 % calories – 100% taste

The new Sulá products offer a unique taste experience.

  • Sulá Natura: products with natural aromas and colourings.
  • Sulá Toffees: the innovation – sugar-free toffees with an absolutely perfect taste.

2009 Sustainable production & BRC

Sulá is awarded the CO2 saver certificate.

Since 2009 Sulá is certified in accordance with the British standard BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Market launch Sulá liquorice sweets

2011 Market launch Sulá liquorice sweets

With the unique combination of tangy liquorice root, salmiak salt and fleur de sel, our liquorice specialities are a very special taste experience. Since 2013 the Sulá liquorice toffee is also chocolate coated.

Management duo at Sulá

2012 Management duo at Sulá

In September 2012 Alwin Maaskant joins the company and assumes operative management as managing director. Together with owner Geert van Mook, he manages Sulá.

Sulá setzt verstärkt Akzente mit zuckerfreien Produkten

2014 Sulá sets trends with sugar-free products

Sulá launches three new product ranges with sugar-free sweets on the market, each with very different products. Whilst the new sorbital products impress with functionality and freshness, the Sulá Moments of Indulgence appeal to consumers with delicious varieties. For toffee lovers, Sulá presents two deliciously sugar-free toffee alternatives. The Sulá Herbal Harmony is optimised further with a re-launch. In doing so, Sulá, once again, proves that “Taste doesn’t need sugar”.

New blister machine at Sulá

2015 New blister machine at Sulá

Investment in a blister machine has created new packaging possibilities for pastilles, when portioning matters.

The European Candy Group (T.E.C.G.) takes over Sulá GmbH

2016 The European Candy Group (T.E.C.G.) takes over Sulá GmbH

Geert van Mook sells Sulá GmbH to The European Company Group, a holding of Continental Candy Industries (CCI) from the Netherlands. Sulá thus becomes part of Europe's largest private-label manufacturer.

The T.E.C.G. family manufactures a wide variety of sweets and confectionery, offering customers a full range of sugar-free and sugared sweets, toffees, fruit and wine gums, liquorice and jelly beans.

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