We’ve got it covered packaging options

Packaging has many functions – it should protect the product and enable transport. It should, however, also inform the customer, look good and be practical. Have a look at our options for yourself.

Sulá Flip Top Box the bearer of good taste

In our choice of packaging for our sugar-free products, we prefer to use the folded box – also known as a flip top box. These boxes are filled with our delicious sweets which can then be easily and practically enjoyed. You can carry these handy boxes with you wherever you go, open and close them as often as you like and ensure that each portion is individually dispensed. What’s more, the clickbox is also the most environmentally friendly solution as only the renewable raw material of paper is used. Practical for on the go and particularly tasty! Enjoyment in your pocket!


Bags traditional and indispensable

Products containing sugar are packaged in bags. For our toffees and sweets this remains the most popular packaging form. Hereby our sweets are not only protected by an airtight bag but also by a sweet wrapper. The bag is, of course, also suitable as a packaging form for sugar-free products. Bags can be made out of plastic as well as paper as raw material – so … simply tear open and enjoy!


Blister packaging when the right amount is important

Whether special cough sweets or vitamin sweets, our blister packs are perfect for when individual portions are required. The product has long term protection and can be easily removed. The practical folding box also protects the product from sunlight and other environmental influences.