Welcome to our production

Now things will get a little technical – but delicious, nonetheless! We like to show what we are capable of and what is important to us. Hereby we always set our sights on one goal in particular namely to produce the most delicious sweets and toffees.

For a better taste sensation of our moulded sweets

To ensure that our customers can enjoy sweets without any sharp edges or corners and with an equal taste development, we have chosen this particular production method and produce genuine slow food for connoisseurs.

Melt in the mouth moulded toffees

A toffee centre out of caramel, covered with smooth chocolate – only looking at our toffees is sure to make your mouth water!

Indulgence without regret sugar-free

We are sugar-free! More than half our products are sugar-free and delicious despite this.

Sweet temptation sweets containing sugar

Sometimes you have to have a little sugar. We produce many traditional and modern sweet and toffee varieties and they’re worth the little sin!