Products containing sugar

We all sometimes have a sugar craving and, at times like these, nothing but sugar will do! Tradition and experience as well as the most delicious formulas promise to tantalise your taste buds. When did you last have a sweet? It was probably far too long ago! Take time and enjoy one of our delicacies and start dreaming …

Sulà Toffees

Our Sulá Toffees are the purest temptation! Whether exciting mint, classic milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate – bite in and experience true indulgence!

Sulà Liquorice

Black is beautiful! The perfect combination of liquorice and salmiak with a pinch of fleur de sel makes this perfect for liquorice lovers!

Sulà "Classics"

Our delicious classics will reawaken childhood memories – go on, try them! And they not only look good but taste great, too!